Home Moving Services

Home Moving Services

Welcome to Samar Packagers and Relocators, we are the house movers that take the hassles and headaches out of moving.  We are a company that specializes in local, long-distance, international moving as well as storage of household goods. We provide secure and efficient transport for your belongings wherever they need to go. Furthermore, our quality services goes beyond the basic transportation of your household goods, planning, logistics and all the details included to enable us transport your house from one place to another.

We travel with our clients in every mile of their move to ensure that their belongings are transported to their new location. Nevertheless, relocation does not end with the delivery of your belongings and neither does our service, instead, Samar Packagers and Relocators makes sure you settled. Our residential movers unload your belongings with the same care and attention to detail with which they were loaded and placed in the correct room so you can settle into your new home right away.

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